NEVER turn someone else’s game off without letting him save first!

In today’s article we’ll talk about something that, for most gamers, represents one of the hardest traumatic experience of their childhood: turning a game off without saving. Who’s never had the classic discussion with dear mom or dad, the “turn it off, you’re playing too much” one? And, let’s be honest: did anyone really turn the game off right afterwards? Yeah, we don’t think so. That’s why many parents were “forced” to turn the game off, causing their child’s wildest reactions.

Now, a little piece of advice: if bringing up these memory may still be too hurtful, stop reading. Don’t worry, there’s no shame in that. But if you want to honor all the hours you spent playing that are now lost forever, this article is what you were looking for. We’ll try to explain to modern parents why they should NEVER EVER turn off their child’s videogame without letting them save first.

  1. The videogame is the child’s private space, it represents an imaginary digital world in which they are allowed to act just as they want, where they can blow off some steam and in which any desire could really come true. Turning their game suddenly off not only erases all their progresses, but can be considered as a true brute-force entry of the adult in this safe space, imposing the parents’ authority in an extremely private and personal environment.
  2. Deleting an hour of game is deleting an hour of “work”. Video games are more than “just games”! Take for example those who love reading: imagine if someone, with just one click, could be able to delete everything they have read up to that point. It wouldn’t be nice, don’t you think? Turning a videogame off before letting someone save first has the same effect, since any video game requires time, practice and hard work.
  3. Imposing authority is never the best choice, and it would be better too try an authoritative approach, trying to find a compromise that would also avoid useless discussions that only lead to grumpy kids and headaches.

So, dear parents, what should you do if you kid refuses to turn the game off? First of all, you should warn him or her, so that they’ll be able to save the game, and then you could try to use neutral “judges”. For example, you could say “another five minutes, then you’ll have to turn it off”: by setting up an alarm, you’ll have the objective “support” of a mediator. As for kids… you should just save the game when they warn you, you know?

Turning someone else’s videogame off without letting them save first certainly won’t cause any psychological traumas, but it will help create repressed rage that is easily avoidable.

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